Throughout the year, we offer a variety of supervised day camps on No-School Days plus a well-developed Summer Camps program.

No-School and PD Day Camps

Your youngster, aged 6-12, can join the C2's skilled day camp leaders for fun and adventure in a variety of themed day camps scheduled on many No-School days during the school year.

No-School Day Camps run from 9:00am to 4:00pm with camper drop-off available starting at 8:00am and pick-up available until 5:00pm. This makes C2 No-School Day Camps perfect for parents who need to work during no-school days.

Space is limited, so be sure to call or stop by to register quickly!

 Carnival Camp
SpaceDayCamp March23
ClimbingCamp April20 
MessyOlympics May18
HappyCampers June1
 OutbackAdventure June29

Summer Day Camps

C2 Summer Camps are designed to appeal to a wide variety of ages and interests, and are scheduled throughout the months of July and AugustC2 Summer Camps are action-packed and exciting!

Our 2018 Summer Camps program has been announced! Here's the line-up:

  • July 2 to 6: Rock 'n Roll Camp: Ages 6 to 12  /  Spend the first week of summer vacation partying it up with tunes at the climbing wall! Campers will get to rock out to music and rock climbing-themed games, crafts and activities. The week will wrap up with a talent show presented by the campers for their friends and family. Don’t miss out, this camp is sure to be a hit!  $150/C2 Members, $200/Non-members for full week / $35/day Members, $45/day Non-members
  • July 9 to 13: Game-On Camp: Ages 6 to 12  /  Get your game face on! This week is all about breaking a sweat and having fun while doing it. Campers will get to visit with local talent, play a variety of sports, and learn new skills each day. Obstacle courses, swimming and a visit to the golf course will be sure to burn off some of that summer energy.  $150/C2 Members, $200/Non-members for full week / $35/day Members, $45/day Non-members
  • July 16 to 20: Messy Olympics Camp: Ages 6 to 12  /  Let’s get dirty! Campers will be creating sloppy messes with slime, shaving cream and sponge painting. Put those fancy clothes away because things are going to get grimy, gooey and gross during relay races, laser beam training, and mystery-filled balloon fights. Good thing we will be rinsing off at the splash park and pool. Don’t forget the soap, you’re going to need it after this week!  $150/C2 Members, $200/Non-members for full week / $35/day Members, $45/day Non-members
  • July 23 to 27: Artastic Camp: Ages 6 to 12  /  Artastic Camp returns with more fun-filled art projects for those kids that love to be creative. This year we will explore new ways to create masterpieces, like string art and oil painting. Campers will get to make their own pottery piece at the Bonnyville Pottery Club, visit the splash park, and design a camp mural using their newfound skills $150/C2 Members, $200/Non-members for full week / $35/day Members, $45/day Non-members
  • July 30-August 3: Little Chefs Camp: Ages 6-12  /  You won’t want to miss out on this exciting new camp. Each day campers will get to heat up the kitchen with new recipes and learn cooking basics like measuring, chopping, mixing and food safety. With a visit from a local chef, participants will get to mix up new foods from all around the world. Let’s get cooking! $150/C2 Members, $200/Non-members for full week / $35/day Members, $45/day Non-members
  • August 7-10: Space is the Place Camp: Ages 6-12  /  Campers will be taking a trip deep into space this week, as they learn all about planets, asteroids and galaxies. Climb through space during a galaxy wall climb, take an interactive visit of the Milky Way and participate in out of this world activities like making your own nebula in a bottle! It’s going to be a blast! $120/C2 Members, $160/Non-members for full week / $35/day Members, $45/day Non-members
  • August 13-17: Outback Adventure Camp: Ages 6-12  /  G’day, Mate! Campers will venture into the Australian Outback and become true explorers as they experience the mysteries it has to offer. Participants will bake a classic Australian delicacy, make their own didgeridoos, and “visit” places like Uluru, the Gold Coast and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Get ready to go down under, Oz is waiting! $150/C2 Members, $200/Non-members for full week / $35/day Members, $45/day Non-members
  • August 20-24: Science Seekers Camp: Ages 6-12  /  Science Seekers is the perfect place for all those little Einstein’s. Campers spend the week experimenting with chemical reactions, learning how fossils are made and will enjoy a field trip to Moose Lake to learn about the water cycle. Other highlights include extracting DNA from fruit, making slime and creating their own rainstorm in a bottle. Brainiac’s, unite! $150/C2 Members, $200/Non-members for full week / $35/day Members, $45/day Non-members


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